Valentine’s Day 2/14/17- Twin Mom Win/Twin Mom Fail!


  • WIN: Archer man just said “die-er off! Ana go otty!!” And THEN he did!! My praise of his accomplishment was suddenly stifled when he unexpectedly decided to then sling said amazing urinary feat across the room…ha! Is it sad when this is literally the #bestvalentinesdaygiftever !? #Hejustturnedtwo !
Twin survival tactic no. 1
  • FAIL: SO maybe I’m all alone here and am just the slack mom but…I had no idea that actual valentines would be expected or produced by other mothers with kids in a *two* year old classroom?? I was told by their teacher that they were having a Valentine’s day party in the class- great/got it: cupcakes/snack contributions, check! I noticed that the names of all of Eli and Archer’s classmates were on the signup sheet for items to bring to the party but had zero idea this translated into personalized valentines for a bunch of two year olds who have absolutely no clue what is even going on. So my husband Steve was supposed to turn in the checklist requesting party items that was given to parents the week prior…upon which I had signed up for an easy/crowd pleasing option: cupcakes! Buy ’em from the bakery. Donezo! The day prior to the party- Steve lets me know he forgot this task so I check with the teacher and by this point everything that is relatively easy is already taken and the only thing that nobody had signed up for yet was “party bags” (shocker)….ain’t nobody got time for that. I ended up staying up all hours of the night with one twin with an ear infection (thank God for Children’s Motrin…seriously are kids ever well??) and I was running late to a meeting at work so my make shift contribution to the party winded up being a Dunkin’ Doughnuts drive-thru purchase…don’t judge, everyone loves munchkins right?? It was just that type of morning & no that option was not on the list LOL. I also got coffee for the teachers- if anyone needs to be caffeinated, it’s gotta be two year old teachers. So by this point I’m feeling pretty good about my adapt and overcome abilities! Conquering the morning and I still wasn’t showing up empty handed for the party! This feeling was totally fleeting however when I showed up with my drive thru munchkins in hand and then realized that all of the other kids parents had made Valentines cards and individual gifts for all of the classmates! I don’t want to sound like I don’t appreciate the effort these other moms have gone to here because I do and actually wish I could even pretend to be that on top of things, but what is the premise behind signing your kids name on an olaf card addressed to my kid? I guess I just don’t get it… ??


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