My son Archer is like a little squirrel right now for some reason. He loves gathering acorns and other various “nuts” from the trees in our backyard. His vocabulary is developing but is not super advanced at this point so I went with the word “nuts” to describe his treasures and he picked it up right away “my nuts mommy!” I recently watched a home video of me and the boys in the backyard and I must’ve said “Archer, where are your nuts? Archer are those your nuts? Show mommy your nuts” at least a dozen times…it was awkwardly hilarious to watch, I was so focused on my mommy/toddler lingo that I had no idea how ridiculous and awkward it sounded!! So awkward that my dad, their beloved sarcastic “Pop Pop” heard the video and according to my mom roared with laughter saying “what does she want him to do pull his pants down and show her where they are?” LOL. (Pic below: me and Archer-man on the nut hunt!)

Twin survival tactic no. 1

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