• The best money I’ve (almost) ever spent: Today was a breakthrough in my twin mom existence. Today was the first time I have EVER had a professional come in and clean my house. If you don’t have a maid service, get one. Like now. You deserve it. Seriously it’s the best money I’ve spent since becoming a twin mom (second only to Amazon Prime). Coming home to a clean house after work (and after an hour commute with potentially screaming toddlers the entire way..) is worth every cent!! Cutting other expenses (cable- who has time for that anyway??) and tightening our belts allows for us to do this twice a month and it may not seem like much but those two cleanings a month have been a freaking gamechanger for my sanity. For a more affordable rate ask around- I found my God send Becky through a co-worker, she is half the price of the commercial cleaning groups in town & she offers home organization and pet sitting! WINNING! (Below pic: snapshot of the chaos I would typically come home to pre-Becky!)

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