Meet your Twin Baby Butler!

Post my twins clothing for resale? Let me just add that to my list of things that will never get done. I’m a twin parent, I literally barely have time to eat and/or shower. No problem! I am here to help busy twin parents who want to sell their gently used twin stuff but don’t have time to list and sell.

Send Me A Free Butler Bag!

Twin Baby Butler Bag

Only TWO simples steps are required because you- oh amazing one- are taking care of TWO babies!

  1. Request free Butler Bags by completing the form above.
  2. When it arrives, pack your gently used twin items for sale in your Twin Baby Butler Bag. It will have a prepaid shipping label already affixed. Just drop your Butler Bag off at your nearest UPS or USPS location and it’s on it’s way!

SO sit back and “relax” (as if such as thing exists for twin parents…) while the Twin Baby Butler sells items on your behalf! Your Twin Baby Butler will let you know when your bag has been received and will update you in regards to all successful sales.

What is My Commission With The Twin Baby Butler?

  • You will earn 50% profit on all items sold when utilizing the Twin Baby Butler.
  • The profits from the sales will be reflected in your Twin Baby Bargains account as well as your PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account you may create one here or you may request payment via mailed check (your Twin Baby Bargains balance must be at least $20.00 for this option).

What will my Twin Baby Butler accept? What will my Butler not accept?

  • We accept: Twin baby and twin children’s, shoes, and fashion accessories in new or like-new condition (quality items from families of triplets and more are welcome as well!)
  • We do not accept: items that have excessive wear (worn out looking or faded prints) any items that are torn, ripped, or have stains of any kind.







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