Twin Baby Bargains


My husband Steve and I live in New Bern, NC with our twin boys Eli and Archer. Having the boys has been hands down the most crazy and simultaneously awesome thing that has ever happened to us. Of course as they say, nothing in life worth having comes easy! There were the common complications of multiple gestation pregnancy, trying to lose double the baby weight (84 lbs in my case…fun times!), late night feedings, diaper changes, diaper blow-outs and tantrums all occurring 24/7 x2. Since the boys were born I have really liked doing the twin thing and dressing them alike, but I quickly realized how expensive this can get especially compared to shopping consignment and finding deals like singleton parents are often able to do. This made me think about how many awesome matching twin outfits must go to waste after kids outgrow them. Hence the idea for this website, and the idea that a united community of twin parents can provide a better way to put these unique sets of clothes and other twin items to good use!



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