Today I ate a for real dinner:

  • I went for a physical yesterday and laughed when the nurse got to the question on her checklist regarding how I would describe my diet- does toddler food leftovers constitute a diet? I ask only half joking. However today was different, today I ate a real dinner. By ‘real’ I simply mean it did NOT consist of dino shaped chicken nuggets, regular shaped chicken nuggets, corn dog nuggets or any other frozen nugget derivative. It also did not involve “fishies!” (aka Goldfish).

See dinner image below: Twin mom victory, a real meal not involving my kids leftovers! Homemade ziti (recipe from my Italian mother-in-law, italian salad).

  • This was a victory. It wasn’t an out to a nice quiet adult dinner by scoring a babysitter over the age of 16 that I wholeheartedly trust can handle my full throttle twin boys type victory; this has actually yet to occur- yes they are two, yes I need to be less neurotic about these things- note I have hired babysitter’s and gone to dinner, I just haven’t had them come over until the boys have been asleep- it’s easier this way, and this way I don’t find myself dreaming up scenarios of TBI (traumatic brain injury) during my dinner- “what if she lets them wear socks without the little grippers on the bottom and they fall down our (seriously abnormally steep) hardwood staircase? What if her cell phone dies and she can’t contact me? What if (insert any other traumatic childhood hypothetical)….” Tonight represented a much more subtle victory but a substantial one (to me) nonetheless!

See images below: my typical “diet” consists of scavenging leftovers like these lol…


Twin feed with Podee

P.S. Eli LOVES hats: He couldn’t have been more thrilled for this birthday hat they gave him at daycare (in the MORNING); teachers said he refused to take it off all day and when I picked the boys up outside he was running around on the playground with it down so far on his forehead it nearly covered up his eyes, I suppose he imagined this was it’s most secure position on his head so that it couldn’t easily fly off (or be removed off of his big dome for that matter when I actually tried to..just sayin’ the kid has a 98th percentile head lol, glad I didn’t have to push that out the old natural way.. #csectionwin!) Archer could care less about a hat unless he’s actively taking one off of Eli’s head to aggravate him…his hat wearing was staged in this photo after which he promptly removed said hat. Eli refused removal of his hat all the way up until bedtime and rather than combat his hat wearing desires, I went with it (#chooseyourbattles)- he literally SLEPT in his birthday hat that night lol!


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