Banned Items

  • What items can’t I sell on Twin Baby Bargains? 

  • Twin Baby Bargains is a marketplace for twin clothing, shoes, accessories, and much more. However, we do intend on ensuring we have the best quality of gently used goods and would like to limit some other products from being listed. 

  • Gently used items can be listed on Twin Baby Bargains if they are clean and in good condition. The general rule all of our users should abide by is list only twin products that you would be happy buying yourself.  Please be detailed and honest about your items in the description to prevent unhappy users and possible returns.

  • Twin Baby Bargains does not allow buying or selling of used undergarments, cloth diapers, bottles, pacifiers, cups, utensils and any health and wellness products.  Twin Baby Bargains holds the right to expand the list of banned products at any time without notice, and you as a user of Twin Baby Bargains are responsible for frequently checking and abiding by these guidelines.  All listed products must be clearly and accurately listed.  Twin Baby Bargains does not allow any misleading, misrepresented, fake or replica items to be sold.

  • If Twin Baby Bargains feels that you violate these guidelines or any of our terms and conditions in anyway, we hold the right to remove those items without notification, as well as remove your ability to list or purchase items


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