8 Things Only Twin Parents Will Understand:

1. Your uterus is no longer something private. Nor are its multiple inhabitants or how they got there. The moment someone finds out you are having twins there will inevitably be someone there (typically a complete stranger) to ask you that ever invasive question...

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Prenatal Vitamins In Twin Pregnancy

I’m having two babies, should I be taking TWO prenatal vitamins? No, as a mother of twins you should be taking one quality prenatal vitamin every day. For mothers of twins, The Society of Maternal-Fetal Medicine has the following specific nutritional recommendations:...

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Commuting with Twins

This photo is entirely misleading. It represents that ever elusive moment of dual twin commute contentedness- a fleeting moment of tranquility amongst hours of twin commuting mayhem. Ever since I returned to work after having the boys I have made the 1 hour drive from...

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My Top Products for Surviving Newborn Twins:

Being pregnant is challenging, being pregnant with twins is on an epically different level all together. The physical toll of making two human beings is by far the most amazingly difficult thing I have ever done. There is certainly enough to worry about when you are...

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