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Our Policy:

Welcome to the service provided by Twin Baby Bargains LLC.  We have created a privacy policy to provide you with information regarding our services.  This Privacy Policy speaks to Twin Baby Bargains policy for information that includes personally identifiable data (“Personal Data”), that may be gathered from buyers and sellers during the use of our services.

Information We Collect:

When you are using our service(s), Twin Baby Bargains may collect your personal data, and other necessary information described below:

Personal Data Used With Our Service: We at Twin Baby Bargains may collect Personal Data from you on a voluntary basis, when you provide such information, such as during registration to obtain a username, making a sale or purchase, using any third party service through our marketplace, providing us with credit card and other payment information or contacting us with questions or use any of services.

By voluntarily providing us with your personal information and data, you are providing consent and agreement to this Privacy Policy.  When you choose to provide your Personal Data, you agree that there will be a transfer of that information from you and the original source of the data to us at Twin Baby Bargains, our services, and/or any third party service being used.

Non-Identifiable or Aggregated Data: When you use our marketplace on, we receive and store personally non-identifiable information. This information that is collected passively by us, third party services, and/or other technologies, is currently not used to identify you specifically.  This information may be stored by Twin Baby Bargains or any affiliates and/or other third party services through us. Such information can be gathered and clustered with other non-identifiable information to be used for purposes of reviewing data such as total number of twin baby bargain users, total visits per day, total messages sent and received by buyers and sellers, and how our twin moms and dads socialize in our marketplace. Also, in attempting to provide better service as well as gain a greater understanding of our services to our customers, Twin Baby Bargains may conduct research on things such as demographics, interests, behavioral patterns of customers, and their personal information.  Twin Baby Bargains may opt to share this non-identifiable information to any third party service or any other affiliate with our services.  Twin Baby Bargains may disclose statistical data from this research in order to better explain our function of services to other third party providers, prospective customers and business partners.

During service and operation, Twin Baby Bargains may utilize technology called cookies.  To better explain cookies, they are pieces of data that a computer provides to your chosen intenet browser A cookie is a piece of information that the computer that hosts our Services gives to your browser when you access our website and services. Cookies aide us in providing more function and analysis of our services.  A basic example of a cookie is when you as a customer access Twin Baby Bargains, you can have the ability to not enter a password more than once due to cookie that was set for our website.  In any case, cookies are used for increasing functionality, and not collecting personal information that you did not consent to.  For any additional information regarding cookies, you may refer to your system settings, as well as internet browser toolbar to adjust cookie settings.

Our Use of Your Personal Data and Other Information:

Any use of personal information you provide to Twin Baby Bargains is utilized in a way that abides by this privacy policy.  As you provide information for any particular reason, Twin Baby Bargains uses that data for the reason that you provided it for. Twin Baby Bargains and any third party service or affiliate may use your information (personal or non-identifiable) in order to improve our services and better understand our users.  We may also use your information to better communicate with you or relay other information that will improve your experience of our services.  There may be times where you have the option to exclude or opt out of communication such as marketing emails and information.  If you do not wish to be part of any communication or marketing effort, please let us know as soon as possible.  There will be times where you will not be able to opt out of normal, daily function and necessary communications.

It is important to note that the information you provide in listing or uploading any content to our service, Twin Baby Bargains holds the right to utilize and publish that information in connection to normal operative function of services, including marketing, promotion, and advertising directly by Twin Baby Bargains or other third party and affiliated services.  You as a customer and user also have the right to share your information through third party and affiliates such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other mediums and do so at your own risk and right.

If there is ever any untended use or sharing of information that is not covered by this privacy policy, you will be notified at that time when it is known.

Our Disclosure of Your Personal Data and Other Information:

Twin Baby Bargains is not in business to misuse or sell any of your personal, private, information.  We value every user as part of our marketplace family, and treat your information with as much care and caution as possible.  With that in mind, there are times where we may share your personal information with our third party affiliates as listed below:

Business Partners: As Twin Baby Bargains grows, we may enter into various business agreements and possibly sell part of our business or buy other entities.  As part of any business deal that may be agreed to, we may transfer any of our assets, including personal data, to the business entity in which the deal was negotiated with.

Affiliated, Related, and Third Party Companies: In order to provide the marketplace functionality and environment that all our users enjoy Twin Baby Bargains may employ other platforms, businesses, and/or third parties to aide in our services.  Twin Baby Bargains may also share your information with these companies for service purposes outlined in our policies.

Legal: Twin Baby Bargains may be legally required to release your information if required to by law and if there is the belief that action is necessary to follow legal obligation, protect Twin Baby Bargains property and rights, in situations to protect our users or the general public and/or protect against possible liability.

The Choice is Yours:

In the event that you are not comfortable providing personal information, you may find that you are unable to participate in our marketplace environment.  You may also choose, that even after having an account that you would prefer this information to be removed.  In this circumstance, understand, that there may be a requirement (by law or otherwise) for Twin Baby Bargains to keep this information.  We will grant your request for deletion of information once that requirement is legally satisfied, but while it will be deleted from an active user status, it may be placed in archived information.


This privacy policy does not pertain to information gathered by Twin Baby Bargains other than information gathered through its service.  Our privacy policy does not apply to unsolicited information you provided to us through other services or other ways.  That information includes, but is not limited to information you posted, listed, made pubic or any other unsolicited information you provided during use of our services.  All said unsolicited information will be considered as non-private or non-confidential, and Twin Baby Bargains will hold the right to reuse that information without any restrictions.


Twin Baby Bargains, to our knowledge, never collects personal information of underage minors or children (under the age of 13).  If you are considered a minor, and/or under the age of 13 years old, please refrain from releasing your personal information.   We always encourage parents and/or legal guardian to keep a close watch on their children’s use of any internet services in an effort to enforce our policies.  If you or anyone you know is aware of a child or minor that has provided their information and/or is using our services, please let us know immediately so we may proceed with deleting their account and information.


Our privacy policy applies only to our services.  In using our services, there may be links to other web sites or entities that are not monitored, operated or owned by Twin Baby Bargains.  Those parties are entitled to their own practices, and likewise their own privacy policies.  Our policies do not apply to those parties’ operations and services.  Also, Twin Baby Bargains does not provide endorsement for other parties simply because we provide a link.  If you have any questions regarding any policy and/or procedure of a third party, or any other business outside of Twin Baby Bargains, we recommend contacting those specific parties in which you have questions.

Third Party Services within the Services:

During your use of Twin Baby Bargains services, you may encounter or use various third party services.  These services are incorporated in order to increase functional and usability of our marketplace.  In order to fully utilize some features, you may be asked to provide your information either directly or through our registered Twin Baby Bargain account.  You may also be asked to provide other third party account information, i.e. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, so we can integrate those accounts with our services.  By enabling these functions you are granting permission to Twin Baby Bargains as well as the other third party providers to exchange your information in an effort to streamline and better your experience. We will only use your personal information in a way that complies with our privacy policy.  Third party providers will follow their own policy and procedures in these cases, and any questions you may have regarding their processes can be directed to them.  Twin Baby Bargains does not hold any responsibility or liability in regards to your personal information being handled by other businesses, entities, and/or third party providers.


Twin Baby Bargains takes careful and reasonable considerations to protect you and your information used in our services from loss, unauthorized use and access, misuse, alteration and/or destruction.  However, as many know, there is no guarantee that any internet, email or electronic service is ever completely secure or free of mistakes.  Remember, you take ultimate responsibility of your information, and you should take every precaution in sending any information for any service care in deciding what information you send to us in this way.

Changes to our Privacy Policy:

Twin Baby Bargains services and/or business can change at any time.  With those changes, we may need to alter or change information listed in any of our policies, including our privacy policy.  Twin Baby Bargains holds the right to make necessary updates or changes without notice to you at any given time to any of our polices.  For updates or changes, please check our policies frequently.  It is your responsibility to maintain current knowledge in regards to our policies.  Your use of any of our services implies consent and understanding of our policies in their current, updated state.

Access to Information:

Please ensure to keep your information as current, accurate and complete as possible.  Please communicate any changes to your personal information that affects your use of our services.   We will ensure we use the most up to date information you provide.


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