What is Twin Baby Bargains?

Twin Baby Bargains is a resale shopping website and app dedicated to parents of twins and multiples. It is a convenient way for parents to buy and sell gently used matching and coordinating twin and multiples clothing and gear.  Buying and selling is designed to be easy, as parents of twins ourselves we understand the importance of simplicity and convenience.

In addition to offering quality consignment merchandise at a fraction of retail costs, Twin Baby Bargains is also a place where parents can post larger twin specific items such as double strollers, car seats, high chairs and other equipment or gear necessary to the daily routine of parents of multiples.

What do I need to do to get started?

How do I sell my items on Twin Baby Bargains?

  • For a step by step diagram please click here. “How to List your Baby Product(s)”
  •  For optimal results remember to take a quality photo, in good lighting, preferably on a hanger and with a plain or neutral background (avoid busy or patterned backgrounds). Remember to take pictures of a reasonable number of different angles or sides of the item that may be informative to the buyer.

What are the different ways to sell on Twin Baby Bargains?

  • List and sell your products yourself! It’s easy. Snap a pic of your product, add a short description and price and post to the site. You earn 80% of the list price with this option. Learn how here.
  • Use the Twin Baby Butler service! There are two different selling options built into this service- click here for more details.

What fees are involved with selling on Twin Baby Bargains?

  • We try to keep things not only convenient for our parents but affordable because we understand first hand how expensive raising twins and multiples can be!
  • Listing is always free! Most neighborhood consignment stores take up to 60% of the profit from your successful sale.  We will cut that down and charge only 20% when you list while also providing a more convenient resale platform to your targeted audience that can take place from the convenience of your own home and that only takes seconds out of your already busy day.

How do I ship my sold Twin Baby Bargains items?

  • Twin Baby Bargains takes the hassle out of shipping, so that you can get back to doing what you do best- being super parents of twins! We use negotiated flat rates to get buyers the most affordable shipping available and we send sellers an electronically generated pre-paid shipping label at no charge- just print and slap it on the package and your sale is donezo! 
    • The buyer pays the expense of shipping at the time of the sale
    • Items that weigh up to 1 lb will be shipped at a negotiated flat rate of $3.99.
    • Items that weigh over 1 lb but less than 2 lbs will be shipped at a negotiated flat rate of $6.99.
    • Items that weigh over 2 lbs will be shipped using our negotiated shipping rates.
      • When listing your product for sale select the appropriate shipping option: “Over 2 lb: Contact Seller For TBB Rate.”
      • Email us at [email protected] to obtain the best possible industry rate for shipping your product. Our negotiated rate will be applied to the listing.
    • Items that weigh over 2 lbs that are very large to ship (furniture, large toys) can also be listed as Local Pick-up Only items. This option functions as a Craigslist type posting (although among a much more applicable twin demographic of users). Your sale will be processed without any shipping expenses and you simply communicate with your buyer regarding a mutual time/place for pick-up.
    • Items that weigh over 2 lbs but that exceed the USPS Priority Flat Rate Box dimensions (see table below) or exceed the weight capacity (70 lbs) should be listed as Local Pick-up Only items. This option functions as a Craigslist type posting (although among a much more applicable twin demographic of users).

Twin Baby Bargains Shipping Tips:

  • The seller assumes any and all overage charges or errors in shipping expenses that may occur from inaccurate reporting of product weights. If you plan on shipping many items of variable weights we recommend that you have an accurate postage scale (available at Amazon.com for around 15 bucks- this will save you money on potential shipping errors in the long run).
  • Packaging options for most packages we have found that poly mailers are the most economical option. We have found there are some great deals available on Amazon.com.  You can find 10 X 13 poly mailers which only add approximately 0.3 oz to your package weight, they are durable, and you can purchase quite a few at a low cost.
  • Twin Packages weighing over 1 lb:  In most case cases, USPS Priority Mail Flat-Rate is the best option for shipping those twin products that weigh over 1 lb. See below for more information regarding Priority Mail Flat-Rate shipping.
    • USPS packaging for Priority Mail Flat-Rate shipping can obtained online and shipped to your house for free or picked up right at your local post office. Pricing below is current as of April 2016, but are subject to change.  See USPS.com for current pricing


How do I know what will weigh more or less than 1 lb?

Here is a quick guide to help you decide, if you would like a precise weight it would be best to weight the items on a postage scale (cheap and available on Amazon).


Weight of the Item   Examples of items that usually weigh the listed amount 
Items up to 1 lb                                Sets of light clothes up to size 24 months: such as up to 4 onesies or shirts, 2 pairs of heavy pants(jeans/khakis), 2 full outfits (tops & bottoms/sets of dresses/sets of rompers/sets of overalls), sets of small accessories, swimwear sets, bootie sets, 2 pairs of little kid shoes up to size 5 (including boots/winter shoes)
1 lb-2 lbs 

Heavier clothing sets in larger sizes beyond 24 months: inluding kid shoe/boot sets above size 5, winter coats and jackets 

Here is a quick guide to help you decide, if you would like a precise weight it would be best to weight the items on a postage scale (cheap and available on Amazon).

  • For very heavy items such as furniture or large toys it may be best to list as a local pick up only item, this will alert sellers in your area to the availability of the item and you will avoid any unnecessary and expensive shipping costs.
  • Presentation Matters: We have found that most twin parents appreciate when their twin baby items are covered prior to be placed in their package. This provides a little extra protection, but most importantly improves presentation and ultimately shows that you care. Be careful when using tissue paper since tissue paper can sometimes bleed when wet.  Instead of tissue paper, you can use thin plastic bags that will offer better protection.

How can I trust buying on Twin Baby Bargains?

  • As parents, we understand safety and trust are some of the most important things to you.
  • All members selling products are screened and manually approved by Twin Baby Bargains.  If a seller has 3 or more negative transactions, they are removed from the marketplace and are unable to sell. 

What is Twin Baby Bargains return policy?

  • At Twin Baby Bargains all sales are final.  However, we take pride in ensuring that every transaction made on our site is a great experience.   A buyer can contact us for the following reasons.

         -damaged items

         -wrong items

         -items are missing

         -items are not as described/listed

  • Twin Baby Bargains requires all notifications of returns within three days of  the buyer receiving the items.  After three days of receiving the item, the sale is considered final. 
  • Twin Baby Bargains asks that all buyers first try to reconcile any issues with the sale with the seller prior to contacting us.  If you are still unsatisfied, please feel free to contact us so we may help mediate a happy resolution for everyone.
  • Everyone is also encouraged to provide feedback on buyers and sellers, so Twin Baby Bargains can ensure we have the best possible sellers and community.

How can I get the Twin Baby Bargains app?

  • You can get the app several ways. You can go to the landing page here. You can login to your relevant App store and search for Twin Baby Bargains or you can click the Apple Link or Google Link.

Can I buy and sell on Twin Baby Bargains if I am not in the USA?

  • Currently Twin Baby Bargains is only available for our U.S. based twin/multiples parent population (this does include our Alaskan and Hawaiian users)

When can I expect to receive my order.

  • Please allow 10 days to receive most orders. 
  • The majority of sellers should send out your order within a matter of days, however there may be extenuating circumstances, and if so, you will be promptly notified.  If you have not been notified of the seller shipping your order within 1 week, please contact us so that we may assist you.

What items can I sell on Twin Baby Bargains?

  • At Twin Baby Bargains, there are many different types of used items available for purchase and resale, from smaller items such as matching or coordinating twin and multiples clothes, to larger items such as strollers, and high chairs. Our goal is to help parents of twins and multiples, virtually any useful gently used twin baby items are valid for resale on our site.
  • At Twin Baby Bargains, we like to keep things relevant to the parents of twins and multiples, please ensure that you are posting items beneficial to these groups (ie double stroller vs. single stroller ect).  For ease of use, we have provided several categories you can choose when listing items, as well as attributes to help you list your twin items. If you find that there is not an appropriate category listed to post your item under, feel free to contact us for guidance.
  • All items are required to be clean and in good gently used condition.  Please go by the rule of selling things in a condition you would generally buy.  Treat everyone with respect and be courteous in your interactions.  Be as descriptive and detailed as possible, which will help you in having your items returned.

My item just sold on Twin Baby Bargains what do I do now?

  • Great! Now you will receive your pre-paid USPS shipping label complimentary of Twin Baby Bargains. Simply print and package your item and ship it to the buyer. Your pre-paid label comes with shipment tracking for you and your buyer to ensure worry free shipping. 
  • An automated email is generated to your buyer when Twin Baby Bargains creates their shipment label that notifies them of the pending shipment, however we encourage you to communicate with the buyer when you ship your items so they may have a better idea of when to expect their twin baby stuff.

What should I do when I receive my order?

  • Your twin baby stuff has arrived! First open it, and carefully inspect the items to ensure the order was correct and complete
  • All sales are final on Twin Baby Bargains however please feel free to contact the buyer and/or customer service for any issues.  

Someone wants to take a transaction offline, what do I do?

  • This is not allowed and makes you vulnerable as a buyer/seller
  • Taking any transaction offline, removes the protection of a secure transaction system
  • This twin and multiple parent community we have tried to build soundly rests on its members, and we ask everyone to help maintain that safe, supportive environment.
  • If any action taken by a buyer or seller is deemed to violate these guidelines, Twin Baby Bargains reserves the right to remove any future buying and selling activities by that member.
  • Any activities that are shown to be directing any of our members to shop outside of Twin Baby Bargains, will be promptly removed.
  • Please notify us if you are asked to take any transaction offline or to any other place

How do I get paid?

  • We will send your earnings to your PayPal account.
  • If you do not have a PayPal account we will mail you a check.

How do I attract more customers and sell more on Twin Baby Bargains?

  • Market yourself as much as possible-We find it best to use a variety of social media venues, linking your items to facebook, twitter, pinterest and Instagram. Feel free to link to our social media accounts for extra exposure.
  • Be detailed-Describe your items in as much detail as possible.  Instead of just listing “shirt” or “pants”, list the color, and type of the item, or any other main detail that will set it apart from generic names.
  • Take great pictures! Take great photos of your items in good lighting, with a plain background, straightened and neatly organized.  Do not get too fancy with angles and busy designs, be sure to also showcase your item head on. 
  • Price it right.  Always consider how much you would pay for the items you are posting.  If you are overpricing, you may dissuade customers, so slowly lower your prices to see if it garners more attention.
  • Be an aggressive lister. Those who typically list more, sell more.  You will find that if someone likes one style of something you listed, they will most likely buy more items from you.
  • Be responsive.  Sellers who promptly reply to buyers questions generally sell more.  Remember this is a community, and the more trust and promptness, the better.

How do I ensure satisfied customer experiences?

  • Avoid listing items that are not in generally good condition.
  • Be honest and descriptive.  Do not mislead someone with vague descriptions.
  • Include great pictures to best display the items
  • If it is determined that an item meets one of the following criteria, then the items will be returned at the expense of the seller


         -wrong item

         -missing item

         -item is not as described

         -fraudulent item

Can we trade items on Twin Baby Bargains?

  • No trades are allowed on Twin Baby Bargains.
  • We can not ensure secure transactions through trades.
  • If you and another member mutually like each other’s items, simply agree on prices, and buy from each other!
  • Through the normal buyer/seller process, Twin Baby Bargains can ensure a secure and happy community.

How can an order be canceled?

  • All orders placed are binding on Twin Baby Bargains.
  • Under those rare occasions of misplacing items or anything else happening that may prevent an order from being completed, please contact us.
  • As a buyer, if you have not received notification from the seller that your items have not been shipped 1 week from the purchase date, please contact us.

What if someone is harassing me?

  • Please contact us immediately.  We want this community to be fun, supportive, and useful to all members.

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