Getting Started

First Login or Create your account.

Click on Login on the top right menu bar and select Vendor Dashboard from the drop-down menu.


Add a Twin Baby Product:

Once in your vendor dashboard, select Products from the left side menu options and then click Add New Product on the upper right-hand side of the screen. You will then be directed to a new page and should immediately see where to type the product title.



Add Product Name & Sale Price:

Fill in your desired name and price for your product(s).  If at any time you want to discount your product(s), you can fill in the new discounted price box. This is the “new” price in which the sale is discounted to, not how much you are discounting the total price.  i.e. if you are discounting the price by $2.00  you will have $10.99 in the price box, and then $8.99 in the discounted price box.

Product Photos:

Product photos are super important. You must upload a “Feature Image” as well as “Gallery Images.”  The “Feature Image” will represent your main listing photo, while “Gallery Images” represent other views of your product. We recommend including as many images and different views of your products as possible, it also helps to include photos with tags showing brand and sizes.  The more photos and better quality of those photos, the more likely you are to make a successful sale quickly.ed By Brandgarden

Add Categories

Select ALL relevant Categories in which your product(s) can be assigned to.  Be sure to select as many categories that are appropriate to aid customers in searching for your product(s).  Categories are how your product is listed on our site.


Product Description

Add a description of your product(s).  It is best to be as detailed as possible, include size, color(s), condition, brand, and gender specifications for your twin products.  We have found that sellers who properly describe their items have fewer questions from buyers and will sell their products faster!


Next, you will see Inventory & Variants. It’s as easy as 1.2.3.

  1. Click: enable product stock management.
  2. Set quantity to 1– this implies 1 twin SET (ex: TWO matching articles of clothing). Being a twin themed site, one would expect that one product listing contains two matching or coordinating outfits/products.  If you happen to be selling several sets of the exact same product (i.e. 3 twin sets separately that are exactly the same- then you would input whatever number of sets you have for this listing.
  3. Click: Allow only one quantity of this product to be bought in a single order. If your quantity in Step 2 was greater than 1, do not click this box.



You MUST select twin gender and sizing here. Other product features such as condition may also be added here.
Adding features to your product will help shoppers find your product more easily! Use the drop down labeled “Features” to select the feature type that you would like to add. Then press the “Add Option” button to customize the option that best represents the product.



Select the appropriate shipping category so that your buyer will know how much their shipping cost is at check-out.

1) Less than 1 lb: This is most twin clothing sets up to size 24 months.

2) 1-2 lb: Several clothing sets, or heavier clothing sets (Toddler sizing, heavy coats, ect).

3) Over 2 lb: Anything over 2 lb still qualifies for Twin Baby Bargain’s negotiated shipping rates however since these rates cost more they are based upon precise weights. Select this category for heavier items and then email [email protected] with the weight to receive a shipping cost for your buyer.

4) Local Pick Up Only: List as local pick up only if you would prefer to not ship your item. This option functions as a “Craig’s List” type listing. Your sale will be processed without any shipping expenses and you simply communicate with your buyer regarding a mutual time/place for pick-up.

*We recommend using light-weight poly-mailers for mailing most items (cheap and available through See shipping info under the FAQ for more detailed shipping info.

Save your product & you’re done!



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